Buying SARMs, peptides in Hong Kong

Discussion in 'Research Chemicals' started by Craig Anderson, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Jan 12, 2018
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    Long-time reader, first time poster because it seems we're on the cusp of something cool with SARMs!

    I'm going to roll SARMs and/or peptides into my 2018 workout regime (haven't decided which as yet, still in 'research' mode) and as I regularly travel to Hong Kong for business, I've got the opportunity to buy them there. There are suppliers in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen (which is in China but just across the border, one hour away by train, my work also takes me there sometimes).

    This is predicated on the notion that most things including supplements are a lot cheaper overseas compared to Australia. But does anybody here have opinions on if it's worth the 'hassle'? I do read that some powder suppliers are shipping crap so in that sense it could be smarter to go with a known and trusted AU supplier although I'd be dealing only with established pharma outlets in HK and Shenzhen.

    It's more a matter of bringing back bags of powder through customs, both from a Shenzhen daytrip back into HK and of course HG to AU. These products aren't illegal but I don't want to be flagged as a potential Schapelle Corby because there are packets of fine white powder in my bag!

    (Only reason I wouldn't buy liquid SARMs is because I travel light, carry-on bag only, and the LAG restrictions would probably prevent me bringing back any decent amount of SARMs in liquid suspension).

    Would really appreciate feedback on this!
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    They are S4D in Australia now.

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