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    G'day all. First post here so please be kind...

    I'm looking at introducing carb cycling to my diet. Some background for you... I have been training for about 6 months now about 3-5 times per week. Lifts have all be going up nicely and my weight has gone from 79kg to 89kg in that time. Calories have been floating around 2800-3100 most of the time. Based on the mirror, my BF% is high teens, muscle mass has definitely increased.

    I am getting a bit bored with the diet and thought I'd like to shake it up with carb cycling. I also want to reduce my BF% to low teens and have been told on many occasions how carb cycling helped a lot of people.

    I have done some reading but I am hoping to get some guidance from someone experienced with this sort of diet manipulation. Oh, I also used an online TDEE calculator and came up with maintenance of 3,076.

    Here's what I am thinking...
    My training is Push/Pull/Legs, 3 days on, 2 days off, repeat...

    Proposed diet would have protein at 275g for all days, and fat at 75g for all days.
    Carbs would be:
    High days: 250g (2775 daily cals)
    Med days: 175g (2475 daily cals)
    Low days: 100g (2175 daily cals)

    I would spread the high/med/low days evenly (i.e., 2 x high day, 1 x med day, 2 x low day, 1 x med day, repeat), but they won't be in sync with my training days. Occassionally I will be training legs on low carb days, and rest days will be high carb, for example. This is because my training is on a 5 day rotation whereas the diet is a 6 day rotation.

    Let me know what you think.

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