Going to gym after shoulder impingement!!!

Discussion in 'Injury Recovery And Prevention' started by rezvisquikz, May 11, 2017.

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    Aug 25, 2016
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    Hi All,

    Long story short, this forum has helped me get back into shape, learning about calorie intakes, exercise etc....got me down from 110kg to 85kg within a year time. I have been following my diet to the dot for so long and I loved it.

    2 months earlier I had to stop going to the gym due to my shoulder impingement. But within that off time, I started eating all kinds of junk, like having KFC and maccas 2-3 times a day. I know I can get out of it easily if I start back at the gym. But here is the tricky part - I a, kind of scared of working out now, it keep fearing that I might end up with a shoulder impingement again.

    Would you guys recommend me an exercise routine, that might help me workout in a safe manner.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. countryboy

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    Jul 8, 2014
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    Go to a physio usually can get recommendations from people at your gym, get them to properly diagnose the issue and get a rehab plan in place.

    Still a heap of stuff you can be doing to work around your injury, sorry for sounding harsh but you sound like you were just looking for an excuse to restart the crap cycle you were in. My advise beside the above is get back on your nutrition path but treat your self to something you want to eat max 1 meal every 1-2 weeks
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  4. PitBull

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    Apr 6, 2012
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    Weirdly enough i stayed on nutrition and different drugs and made me weaker. You really need to plus the old brain to say get back to work aon.

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    Mar 9, 2012
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    i know the feeling.
    i've had so many strains and injuries and hurt my shoulders so muchc that i'm afraid to even do any exercise at all now.
    i pretty much don't lift these days and i barely do anything i just stay in bed most days.
    can't do push ups, can't do rowing, pressing, or any arm work. i dont do any cardio. have tried so many times to get back into the gym but always about 5-6 weeks in, i get hurt. my connective tissue can no longer recover.
    it's just become absolutely futile to even attempt getting back in the gym anymore. not interested in cardio and it's pointless without weight training, can't ride a bicycle anymore because my knees are all destroyed, swimming bores the shit out of me and takes too long. i can do hamstring curls and hyperextensions not much else.
    i only want to be in the gym lifting and that's it and since i can't, i choose nothing. i just watch my diet and have to accept looking average and being weak. i play music now and try to put my focus and intensity into that. i'm in w band, i play gigs, meet women etc. it still doesn't really feel that great without being physically fit and strong.

    i have a nerve impingement in my neck and shoulder which happened while retracting my scapula under the bar for bench press and which has never been fixed, no therapists that i saw could fix it. i do belive that it comes from a torn left hamstring and injured left lower back. all connected somehow... it was one after the other over a few years...
    my right rotator cuff has been hurt a lot when i retract my right shoulder blade or squeeze them together.

    did so much reckless stupid shit in the gym when i was young so this is the end result. i regret it a lot and i have come to envy other men who are strong and robust and virile because i am not. for the most part feeling like an old lady.

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