Help me find a great doctor to monitor my TRT (self-treating)

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    Hi everyone

    I've a pituitary tumour that elevates my Prolactin and lowers my Testosterone. I take medication to lower Prolactin and this corrects my Testosterone somewhat, but it's still quite low.

    As you know, doctors are quite conservative when it comes to prescribing TRT in Australia. My Endocrinologist hasn't been willing/able to prescribe TRT so I'm now self-treating. I'm sourcing the medication myself and injecting twice weekly. I'm still dialing in the most suitable dosage but it's been very successful so far.

    Recently, I've started showing the signs of excessively high red blood cell levels. I had hoped to start donating blood regularly to help with this. At the donation interview I told them I was on TRT and they declined to allow me to donate unless I got a referral from my endocrinologist, including blood tests results and other personal medication information.

    I'd like to find a great GP that will be accepting that I'm doing this, will help me monitor my bloods, and if necessary, refer me for therapeutic blood donations to address the high RBC.

    My regular GP is not going to be the person I want for this. Any advice finding someone cool/helpful/progressive-thinking would be fantastic. If anyone else is in a similar situation, I'd love to hear how you're monitoring your health.

    Thanks in advance!

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