HGH and Melanoma

Discussion in 'Steroids' started by Eggwhitesnoats, Nov 19, 2019.

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    Hey guys,
    just wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge on this topic?
    Been on rHGH for a month now and just happened to come across a study which outlines the potential link between high levels of hgh/igf and melanoma.
    other than that study there doesnt seem to be much more info on the topic other than 2 anecdotal cases where two people in their 50's had a melanoma removed and they just so happened to start HGH 3 months prior to the removal.
    Im sort of stuck in a decision whether to ditch the GH or continue and just monitor my skin alot more often. Spent all my childhood in the sun and I have a fair few moles which have all previusly been checked and cleared but I would say im at a medium risk for melanoma in the future. I think I know what i should do, its just hard cause im already seeing heaps of benefits from the GH, Ironically its improved my skins appearance a shit load.
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    hypothetically speaking it could be an increased risk.

    I would say from my understanding of GH, that it would potentially be like throwing fuel on a fire.

    i would get regular skin checks and take note of oddities etc that occur. I thought the one i had cut out on my leg was just a small scab that wouldnt heal. However it was a BCC. Id suggest it was due to the lack of sunscreen worn.

    @scump could potentially have some kind of idea on the abovementioned question?

    Worst case, consult your gp.
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    Well apparently igf 1 when exogenous hgh is stimulated , effects melanoma growth the most inside the body.

    I was working with a very well known guru for a few m9nths, and he specifically mentioned this. Food for thought.
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