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    I have been doing some research lately into dietary sources of nitrates, the purpose being as a secondary method of increasing NO production.

    The most common method of increasing NO production is the amino acid approach with l-citrulline and agmatine sulphate being the most widely used currently, however a secondary method is the use of nitrates.

    Organic nitrate salts have been used but these have definite drawbacks so I have been reading up on inorganic nitrates from dietary sources such as beetroot and spinach.

    Dietary nitrates definitely have potential as a means to increase NO production and possibly have other health benefits as well, beetroot particularly can be used as a natural means to lower blood pressure.

    While reading up on this I have come across some interesting studies regarding inorganic nitrates and their use as performance enhancing nutrients.

    It appears dietary nitrates may enhance mitochondrial efficiency, studies are showing how nitrates can decrease energy wastage by increasing the amount of adenosine triphosphate generated per unit of oxygen consumed.

    Although the benefit to resistance training may not be as great as for sports such as cycling it may have benefits in the gym as well, possibly something similar to beta-alanine.

    Here is some reading if anybody is interested

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