Is TRT even possible in Aus now?

Discussion in 'Hormone Therapy' started by snowman, Jul 18, 2017.

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    With 6nmol being the cut off used and a relatively hostile stance on TRT, is it even possible for people to start TRT? Has anyone had success finding treatment in the last year or 2?
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    Jul 28, 2017
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    Yes, however getting it on the PBS is going to be extremely difficult. I was prescribed TRT 6 months ago. I had a lot of tests over a period of a few years come back between 6-10nmol. I was never low enough to get it prescribed, GPs would tell me I was fine and move me on. I finally got referred to an endo who offered to prescribe it to me off the PBS but wasn't interested in investigating the cause.

    Finally I got my shit together and researched a real, legit doctor specialising in hormone treatment and men's health. He tested me and I came back in that same range once again. This time he ordered follow up tests to find the cause, I have a dodgy pituitary gland that fails to regulate my hormones correctly (along with very low test, my estrogen and prolactin were so low they weren't measurable).

    I now have a script for 250mg test per week, 1mg adex per week (split over two doses). Life's been great, huge improvement across the board. I recommend anyone struggling with symptoms of low test (lack of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depression, ect) seek out a legit doctor.
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