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Discussion in 'Injury Recovery And Prevention' started by Soulfly3, Jul 23, 2019.

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    Couldn’t find any specific exercises in other threads.
    Have worked in a landscaping trade for 15+ years
    And the lower back is the worst of my beaten up body lol

    Hoping someone can chime in with some good exercises/stretches that can be utilised. I do basically 0 ab exercises

    If i sit for prolonged time the next day will be worse vs when moving.

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  3. blindbodybuilder

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    Mar 20, 2013
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    I injured my lower back last year deadlifting, gave myself a bulging disc and the rehab was core stability work.

    Look up a bloke named Dr Stuart McGill, there is quite a bit of his stuff out there and available for free, if you go to Lane Nortons site you will find some helpful info on this subject as Lane also came back from a back injury using Dr Mcgills method.

    Basically it involves strengthening/stabilizing the core and also keeping the hip flexors supple, so stretching.

    The specific movements I continue to do are.
    1. The McGill curl up.
    2. Side planks.
    3. Bird dog.

    I also do regular stretching particularly for my hip flexors.

    You should easily be able to find detailed info on how to do those movements.

    Basically the idea behind it all is that the core is designed to keep you stable/prevent movement while doing anything so it is better to do movements like planks/static holds rather than heaps of crunches/sit ups.

    Hope that helps mate.
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