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    Hi guys, and gals,

    have been reading and following for some time and have joined the forum to become a part of the community rather than just a spectator.

    Was hoping for some advice for a newbie about my first cycle from some seasoned vets.

    About me - 43 years old, 183 cm, 92 kgs, approx 15% bf.

    Have been lifting consistently since 16, so a long time. Have been lucky, have good genes and love working my ass off (love it) so have maintained good strength and size most of my life. Asked if I was on the gear a few times which I took as a compliment.

    I eat fairly clean and worked hard on meal
    planning the last few years. Years prior I was getting away with eating whatever. About 18 months ago I discovered Sarms and have run 3 x 12 week cycles of lgd.

    Strength, and energy all went up, size increased a little bit not much. Just looked, more polished. All of this and potentially lock down boredom have led me to a place where I am going to try my first real cycle. Have always been curious and after years of thinking about it and reading as much as I can I’m ready.

    I understand the importance of blood work and will be doing a baseline check this week, a check mid cycle and a check after pct.

    My plan -

    12 weeks test e, 400 per week pinned mon and thurs, (I have two 250ml bottles)

    8 week Anavar 40mg, starting on week 6. This means I would have two weeks of anavar after last test e shot.

    Two weeks after last test e pin, begin 4 weeks PCT. I have purchased PCT products but your recommendations based on my plan would be great here as I can always adjust before starting.

    There seems to be heaps of conflicting advice about anavar being worth having or not for a first cycle. Also whether to include at the start or the end of a cycle. Whether to run it into pct or finish it with last test e.

    Would appreciate any feedback, any comments or advice from people who have the experience. I have a thick skin so if you see flaws in my thinking, let me have it.

    cheers guys - look forward to your comments

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