Program advice for building the best body I can at 41

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    Hello fellow bodybuilders.

    I was hoping for some advice on my training/Nutrition and supplements. I have been training on and off since I was 15. Recently I have become more serious with my goal to produce the best body I can at the age of 41 after a leg injury. I have some ongoing issues with a sore lower back and sore shoulders. This prevents me going super heavy with bench press and squats. However I have compensated with 100% form and intensity.

    I am currently eating 5-6 solid meals per day, eggs, meat and rice. I only have a small treat once every 3 days, it maybe a few biscuits. I cannot drink whey protein or any dairy based protein. I do not like the taste of dairy, despite wishing I could. So I make sure there is plenty of protein and meat in my diet. On average I eat 4 full eggs and 1-1.3kg of chicken/beef per day. And around 200 of carbs.

    I am taking a 300mg pre workout that I have weened down to 1/4 of a scoop per workout. I’m taking creatinine HCL, citraline malate, beta alinine, glutamine pre and post workouts in the right doses for recovery.

    20 minute treadmill warm up and stretches pre workout.
    Monday: Quads
    Tuesday: Chest/shoulders
    Wednesday: Back, abs
    Thursday: Sprinting
    Friday: calves and hamstrings
    Saturday: abs/light arm workout/45 minutes cardio.
    Sunday: Off

    My measurements are 5’10, 74kg, arms 16 1/4, waist 29.5, thighs 23, calves 15 1/3, lean, abs present.

    I want to put more size on, what else can I do with diet and supplements. I’m training 6 days per week.

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