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    Hi this is a questionnaire for an assignment where i need to ask some people from a subculture about a subculture for which i chose gym junkies.
    By Gym Junkie I am referring to anyone who spends a lot of time in the gym, to the point where it drastically affects their lifestyle, this includes body builders, cross fitters or gymnasts or anything else. If anyone is willing to answer these for me that would help heaps. Thanks in advance
    1.How do you think being a Gym Junkie, in general and for you personally, has changed overtime?
    2.How do you think being a Gym Junkie has changed you as a person?
    3.Has being a gym junkie affected relationships with family or friends? If yes, how so?
    4.Has being a gym junkie helped make you friends or even a s/o
    5.Has your ethnicity or culture ever mattered or affected interactions/relations with others at the gym?
    6.Has your gender ever affected you at the gym such as: - Discrimination due to gender – wanting to be more masculine – or less?
    7.Has being a gym junkie ever affected your sexuality, possibly through the use of hormones.
    8.Have your beliefs ever affected your gym going, if so, how?
    9.Has your location or the location of gyms near you affected you? How so? And how did you overcome or work around this?
    10.Have your peers affected you as a gym junkie such as wanting you to stop or encouraging you to continue or push harder?
    11.Has school or work affected you, how did you overcome these challenges?
    12.Has being a gym junkie affected school, if so was it positive or negative?
    13.Has the media affected you, such as negative coverage making you want to quit or positive coverage helping you or by providing you with useful information?
    14.Explain how adolescents might be impacted by this subculture or if you have children how this might impact their lives, will they follow in your footsteps by your will or their own?
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    No comment, I want my lawyer.

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