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    I am not a fan of stims so there isn't a whole lot of pw's to choose from, I was recently made aware of full as f*ck by the late Rich Piana.

    It is completely stim free, basically a dedicated pump formula with an electrolyte formula as well and it certainly doesn't disappoint when it comes to the pump.

    Price - 59$ for 30 serves.

    Mixability - mixed up almost completely in about 300ml of water just with a spoon, slight bit of residue but nothing to worry about.

    Taste - very easy to drink.

    Performance - I really am a fan of this stuff, the pump is better than anything I have tried before and I seemed to stay pumped for hours after finishing my training.

    It has 4g of l-citrulline, 1g of agmatine sulphate, 2g of taurine, 1g of glycerol monostearate, 500mg of beetroot extract and 650mg of dan shen extract as the pump matrix and the pump is awesome.

    I could literally feel the muscle I was training sort of get warm and basically just get full as f*ck, seemed to just get more intense as my workout progressed and as I consumed more water, perhaps this is the glycerol monostearate which is supposed to draw water into the muscle.

    I actually did seem to get an extra focuss/intensity and just felt like I had more energy all in all I really love this stuff and if you are looking for a pw that gives an awesome pump without the stims I would gives this a go for sure.
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