Sarms Ban?

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    Yeah I know they got some good discounts but I don’t take liquids man, I only take caps. The reason for the ban on sarms was because ppl ended up in hospital from the liquids that’s why they banned it, no offence to elite sarms I’m sure there stuff is top notch but I don’t want to risk it if I don’t need to, I just purchased 30 caps 30mg from Aussiesarms here in Aust for $150 Russian pro brand. IL see how I go.
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    Oops didn't even see the tag in here, bit of misinformation.

    Caradrine is now a s10 not a s8, meaning it can't be prescribed at all.

    The TGA didn't ban "SARM's" it banned/scheduled a number of substances and substance families previously considered SARM's (which most actually aren't SARM's).

    Stenabolic SR9009 and all Rev-ErbA agonists are now S4 (this includes SR9011) this makes them illegal without a script, but obviously that means they can be prescribed.

    Ibutamoren mk-677 is now a S4 as well, meaning same as above; script only.

    MT2 was not re-scheduled as a s10 which was proposed, it has remained a S4; script only.

    BTW Ostarine and all other actual SARM's are and have been S4 medication (script only) since 2013.

    also @Bigdelts that is not in anyway shape or form why SARM's were banned back in 2013. The reason for the proposal was actually from an increase in imports/seizures from OS and the known misuse of SARM's combined with the lack of evidence to support safety. You have NFI what is inside your capsules, just like people have NFI what the concentration of their liquid is. Capsules:liquids no one is safer or better than the other, use whatever you prefer.
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