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    ok hey guys this is my first post.

    i'm 25 176cm and currently weighing 111kg i have tried measuring bf with a tape measure got different readings between 21-24 percent, i work a job where i do walk around quite often always on my feet with some heavy lifting.

    my training is made up of
    warm up sets first of each excercise then actual work with a rest day between 1 and 2
    i normally do 2 classes of kickboxing weekly which is a lot of cardio but i find it good for strength also

    day 1
    5x3 squats (130kg)
    5x5 bench press (90kg)
    5x5 bent over rows (60kg)
    as many pull-up/chins as possible

    day 2
    5x3 squats (130kg)
    5x5 military press (55kg)
    1x5 deadlift (160kg)

    my diet is 2000 cal diveded by 3-4 meals
    200g pro
    carbs and fat make up the rest of my cals in no real order.

    i'm still not shedding body fat
    can anyone recommend any improvement? or even a complete change, i have struggled with weight my whole life and i just want to get to that 10-15%bf.
    4 years ago i did get down to 82kg but i wasn't ripped by any means more skinny fat really..

    thanks lads and ladets,
    regards rookie muscle

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