Training with partial supraspinatus tear.

Discussion in 'Workout Programs' started by snowman, Jan 21, 2018.

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    Jan 6, 2015
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    Does anyone know of a specific rehab program for this? I just see the following advice:
    1) avoid shoulder/bench press
    2) 1-2 months no weights

    Orthopaedic doc claims that it never reattached itself unless they go in and anchor it. Other papers suggest at least 50 % return to normal function without surgery (regardless of imaging apperaances) The procedure takes a long time to heal from so I am tempted on conservative management.
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    Apr 6, 2012
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    Hi Snowman,

    Firstly have you asked for a second opinion? Are you Natty or enhanced PM me if u want to or post it, point to it. I'd go 100% natural if so til this resides, cause your wasting $$$ cause this is. Are you a tall guy as well? I'm just curious on that.

    Reading this post takes me back to this.

    Ok, my recovery was very slowly, but I slowly got there.. Do not get surgery, I got told it's like Russian Roulette for that.

    If Surgery you might recover but you will never be right and most of all you need to rest.

    Millions of massages, I did alot of things. My first injury was caused by a stupid coach doing a 1Rep Max at 100kg and my body simply could not do it. As I dropped the weight I tried to lift it said take it off me and wham he did not. Resulting in first part of the tear happening, pain started then went, and I continued onto Trap bar deadlifts and wham, I had a bruise and injury down my left arm. This was second time I had actually damaged this area.

    First time was when I first started at a certain supermarket, I was on Juice thought I was he-man. Lifted a Warehouse Cauliflower crate and wham, tore it at age of 19, was never right for 12 years after that. Anyone I saw would lie and never fix it.

    First thing I did was when I started to get committed to getting results, was getting a PRP injection, was hit and miss but the pain subsided after 8 months, but I do believe cause it was a balance of knowing the weights and having a good massage person.

    PRP, I passed out got star eyed but I think conjunction over time may have been successful.

    Other things I did was also alot of one arm work, One arm DB bench press, look up one arm work and play with it when the pain subsides.

    Though today now suffering a mild hip injury that's yet again another hit and miss, so Snowman, it's just one hurdle but plan it and save the cash.....

    Also no Pull Ups especially normal lat work when you get better.

    Kind Regards
  4. scump

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    Oct 10, 2010
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    definitely no weights for a couple of months, then when you do start, begin with only rotator cuff work, starting with just low resistance therabands then working your way up. /keep increasing resistance with your RC work until you have them stronger then start weights again back at intro weights and work your way up.

    To prevent further injury i always do RC work before every chest and shoulder session, minimum of twice a week to keep them strong.

    Avoid bench and learn about shoulder alignment and how it affects your RC during lifts.

    One exercise that changed training for me was leaning lateral raises as opposed to lateral raises. (the lean eliminates supraspinatus involvement).

    Did you also have your other shoulder investigated to see if it was a compensatory response that caused the tear?
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