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Discussion in 'Steroids' started by Size on, Feb 21, 2018.

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    bit of quick history 32yo 120kgs 15%bf being training 16+ years currently running 4iu of hgh mon-fri along with 500mg of test e and 250mg of deca. planning to run 400mg of test for rest of my life due to a unexperienced endo putting me on trt. now recently i'm experiencing unwanted sleepiness. I would have 8-9 hrs sleep, get up go to the gym or work all is fine till I sit down on a chair or couch I would doze off. even when my days off doing nothing I still doze off for no reason. Estrogen was the always the cause in the past but now even on aromasin it doesn't seem to get better. any of you guys experienced something similar? or know wat caused this? I know a blood test is in order. rest is all guess work. But still would be interested to hear from someone with bit of experience.
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    hgh sides include drowsiness afaik. and 400mg of test is far from a cruise and has nothing to do with a endo.
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    Yeah hgh alone could do it. Also many other factors to take into account as well. AAS makes many people lethargic, they burn themselves out as well. AAS can interferr with a lot of hormones and functions throughout the body. Heaps of different things could be causing tiredness, all the way down to your diet. You could be borderline diabetic brought on by AAS and hgh, these compounds alone can turn you into a diabetic.
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    As the Dr for a blood test .At least get estrogen checked again. Glucose/diabetes will all be done as standard . You are right, usually estrogen the culprit.

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